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PostSubject: Rules Sat Oct 01, 2016 5:46 am


The following rules apply to every sections of the forum, please read it in its entirety. Every failure to these rules will lead sanctions. A code wich you'll have to give during your presentation, is given in the following lines.

I. Conduct on the forum

I-1. Every disrespectful conduct toward a member according to his origin, ethnic group, religion or opinion is proscribed, and punishable by a warning, and then a banishment if recividism.

I-2. No flood, repetitive useless messages, or spam, just as topics without any interest. Also use the funtion "edit" instead of posting many messages uselessly. These messages will be deleted.

I-3. Pictures and words about racism, sexism, or having violations to a group of persons, or a single person, along with pornography, are strictly forbidden and punishable.

I-4. A correct orthography is required. There are spellchecker to help the ones who have difficulties.

I-5. In case of conflict with another member of the forum, please resolve calmly the problem by private message, or call in a member of the staff.

I-6. If you would like to organize a meeting with members of the community, we recommend you to be vigilant and to take necessary measures (the code is : caramel plush). The forum and members of Aequitas will in any case be responsible in case of negligences and inattentions of you. We recomend you to do at least one call video with this person insofar as possible.

I-7. Thanks to let us know if there is another member of your home on the forum, or likely to join it, so we can control the IP adresses.

I-8. Avoid numbers in your username, but prefer alias or words with a capital letter, this is way more attractive.

I-9. Before posting a topic, check if there isn't another one similiar to avoid duplications.

I-10. Your titles must be explicit and clear. Avoid titles like "I need help", "a question" or "my drawings", but rather "display issue", "where do I post this topic" and "my dragons drawings" for exemple, this facilitate searches.

I-11. Don't post anywhere, we can talk about everything on the forum, on condition that the messages are posted in their corresponding section.

I-12. Avatars must be of the size of 200*320 px, and the signatures do not should deform the page. If your pictures are too large, reduce their size.

I-13. You are allowed to have only one account. Having more than one account is punishable and anyway useless on this forum.

II. Conduct on the real life

II-1. In the event of illegal actions in the name of Aequitas, we reject every responsibilities. We greatly encourage legal and pacific actions and events. (the real code is : banana) Every illegal action detracting the image of the community is strictly prohibiten and subject to the deletion without any warning of the account and a banishment of the IP adress.

II-2. If you would like to stick up posters, prefer places provided with a permission if required. In case of refusal, respect the decision of the owner or manager, this is their right and we have to respect it !

II-3. In the event of conflict with a physiqcal person, avoid to reply to the provocation by violence or agressivity, but try to calm things down, or simply ignore this person. Show some common sense and maturity.
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